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Postpartum Pastry Hour

A safe, fun and free event with others in the 4th trimester. This program is a great way to practice getting out of the house with your new addition and feel connected with others going through the exact same season of life. Come as you are to Vegas Family Chiropractic to relax, laugh, munch and make some new friends. Can't wait to meet you!

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What the people are sayin'

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"Wow !! Is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Ashley ! She is definitely the full package from prenatal all the way through post natal. She was an absolute blessing to have at my birth. A smiling face. To crack a few jokes when needed to lighten the mood but knew exactly what to say to calm me when things weren’t going exactly as planned ! In addition to being there for me she was a great supporter for my husband which was absolutely fantastic ! 34 hours of labor and she camped out “literally” (yoga mat and a pillow on the hospital floor) to make sure she was there for me to bring my baby girl into the world !! She gets 5 stars from me !! If I have another little one while I’m in the U.K. I can guarantee you she will be in the room with me !! Thank you Ashley for all of your support !!"


"One of the best decisions I made was hiring Ashley as my Doula for my second pregnancy. Although I had a birth plan that I wanted A, B, and C....that didn’t happen thanks to my little one that wanted a dramatic entrance into this world. Like most mothers I felt defeated and Ashley was there to give me that emotional support I needed to continued. As you can see by the pictures taken by @Hello, Lovely Birth Stories, she was not just there for me, she was there for the baby’s dad and my older daughter. If you are thinking of having a Doula 100% hire As You Wish Doula Services. One of the best investments you’ll make during and after your pregnancy."


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"So I've known Ashley for about a year now. When I met her I didn't know what a doula was. It was clear to me was that there were many things I didn't know about birth and that I wanted support, as my husband was scheduled for a deployment. Her postpartum services really caught my interest (I highly recommend her overnight service). Once we booked a full package with Ashley for birth and pospartum support, she was available from that point forward. She attended a hypnobirthing class as my birth partner and accompanied me as a support partner to some appointments after my little one was born. Ashley has a huge heart and she is a very caring soul. She educates her clients and then supports their decisions to the fullest. Ashley prepared me to feel positive about delivering my first baby. She made me feel strong as a mother and she nurtured me in my moments of struggle. To say she is supportive is an understatement. I'm beyond grateful to have Ashley in our corner. She is not just a doula. She becomes family."


Want to have me a part of your birth experience?

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