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Hello Gorgeous...


I’m Ashley, a mother of 3, happily married to my best friend, a labrador enthusiast, a lover of all things succulents, a sucker for a good joke, and I live on coffee. You might find me gazing at the mountains, cuddling my dogs, or just eating popcorn while watching a little bit of reality tv with my teens. I became a doula in 2018 and went on to certify with DONA International. I lived and worked in a small military community in England surrounded by the BEST clients you could ever ask for. Just ask them, we have all become close friends and I even dare to say, a small family. When I became a mother at the young age of 19 I had zero idea what I was doing even though I read all of the books. I had no support system in place and suffered from Postpartum Depression with all 3 kids on top of a devastating loss. I felt consumed by my emotions and alone. I began to see this trend repeating in my friends and community, thus the reason I became a doula. I strive to create a loving community for growing families well past the birth and postpartum stage. I have created a free program called, Postpartum Pastry Hour, that I hope to bring to the Las Vegas area. In addition to that, I was involved in assisting the RAF Lakenheath OB Clinic in the start of a 2 week postpartum class to set up new parents for success and catch early signs of PPD.  It was such an honor getting that going from the ground up. As I transition myself into a new place I can’t wait to work with new families and add them to my personal little family! My passion is supporting new parents as they adjust into a new season of life. Whether it’s your first or 25th baby, I am here to help!

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